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“apologise for what??????????????????”

When you have a comment on something posted from somewhere in one of  your blues then sometime over a year ago or even longer than that, it gives a strange realization, the comment was “apologise for what??????????????????” , which I believe now makes a good title for this post.

The name from the email of the person who posted this comment seemed familiar. I just woke up from my sleep, checked my phone for emails, there this comment was. I didn’t like the comment at first. I had to get ready for the day. I kept it on hold, only to give a proper response.

As I started for the day, It made it realize, I had full authority over this comment now, I could approve, delete, reject, spam, trash this. It was MY decision to make, my call totally what so ever. The second thing is it was funny, I don’t even remember what had made me put up this post then, all I remember is I felt terrible when I had put this up, one of my hardest times I can say.

Thanks to the fact that I had put it a name in there, the face of which is nowhere close to my memory now.

This happens, we all feel bad, the funny thing is everything from the present is going to be a part of the past, once it is a part of the past I just tend to let it go, move on. It is past after all.

The name on the comment “whocares”, right, exactly!, who cares after all. It is one life for heaven’s sake. I have realized there is more to life, than just to sit and brood around.

There are people who actually need you, there are people for whom you are just an option, there are people who could make false claims about wanting you. Then there are the ones, who just go away with no notice and come back, take you for granted. There are the ones who just keep walking their road no matter what or how they make you feel. There are those few to whom you can just go, no matter what or when.

All you could do is choose wisely, but in case you couldn’t you would learn a lot.


Soon to be deleted…

I am not even sure if this happened, but since it is here there are chances that it might have, might be in a dream at least. I could have deleted it, but for Sonu’s suggestion, this stays. She is my coolest friend,……02.05.2010.—-taus.

It was close to midnight and I was already an hour late to bed, I get this call, “This is me, and she is in the call as well. I am breaking up with her, she feels I have . This is the last time I am ever speaking to her.” he hung up the call even before i could open my mouth to say something.

He was too angry, shy, sick, coward, ashamed, broken, insecure or whatever sort of emotion he was going through, but he didnt want to speak. It was only through SMS that he had thought to communicate.

I tried her number for two days, she didnt pickup, what does that mean? It seems it meant that she didnot want to speak to me any more. I would have not understood that because it was “her”. And he wrote something like, “…….I can’t tolerate Continue reading ‘Soon to be deleted…’

A little thanks

I am happy, sorry happier. and this post is an appreciation for all the people that make me be.

Getting straight to the point,

Almighty: If you are reading this Lord, “I always asked what do things mean when they happen this way”. You gave the best possible answer live and lovely.

Ammi. For just saying, “hota hai, aisa buran naii maanna,Allah po bharosa par, dua kar”, “Happens, dont feel bad/sick. Have faith in the Almighty, Ask for what you want”.

Baba: You said, “Come down home, if you are so lonely., I cant give you any other solution., Hang up the phone and just sleep. Dont think about it. Talk to us.” When I was feeling so badly left alone.

Chan…, Prag…, I’d like to thank you, thank you for staying by my side when I had all those stupid things to say, “Can I speak to you for a while?”, “Why?” and a few things like that. Never realised that we could become friends, especially after the kind of first impression you had about me.

Suresh– man, the songs you gave are amazing., and you encouragement and what ever stuff I write.

Aniisah For that one comment on that blog of mine when I was so lost, “hurting for nothing.” Make me think so much.

Swar…:  “Why dont you talk to us”. “You call us friends and forget when you are upset.”, “why dont you call people when you feel like talking, What stops you?”.

Jaffar, Noman: No words, love you guys.

Prem: Reading all that I type in the chat window., suggesting, laughing, making fun, ha ha….

Paw…: Considering me still a best friend after 7 long years of not seeing each other.

Asad:  For all you comments and prayers.,

Sandy… “Dont do that misake again.”, “You cant slip into the same situation again, hold it”. “My God, Look at you. Whats the glow about”. Who speaks like that?

Badi, Choti: My sisters, elder to me. For asking and telling things to me.,

Aabid., Badi’s three and a half year old son, his smile gives a glimpse of heaven., MashaAllah.

Seema..”See, I cant help you, you need someone, find one for yourself.” I considered you to be my friend and didnt expect that, But yes that statement made me realise I already had a few.,

Shans., For making me realize, there are certain things beyond love, beyond being a best friend and no matter how long ever you know a person, time doesnt matter. And how much so ever if you trust a person, someone could again create a doubt in there. And make me realise, its important to be heard, solving a problem is a far away thing. When you have something respect it.

Nitin: Shans’ boyfriend., For that text you sent, that helped me laugh so much.

And one thing, Had I not been sad, I would have never realised the degree of happiness.

Should I be honest

I was sleeping last night, heard you were flyin’ back to this place

I thought of you everyday, planned a talk, then let go of it,

Tell me whats in your mind, You have me or your dont,

you want me or you dont

you want me? I dont care.

you dont? nothing better you could do.

you accept you decieved or accept you didnt be loyal

Answer my questions,  All i need is an answer.

Nothing to forgive, my mumma’s worried about me

Continue reading ‘Should I be honest’

A little old story

Staring at the computer, I sometimes think of you

Never really miss you, but I ofter think of you

Never wanna ask “Will you marry me?”,

Just wanna say, I loved you the most

Seems you are afraid of your boyfriend

Or like my love no more

Held your tear when you cried

walked with you when you were tired and sleepy

Held your shoulder when you were down

Singing each others’ favorite songs we spent time on phone

And now, you don’t even look at me

I don’t remember my princess any more

I just see you go, not even a good bye

I stood, I waited, I cant

I am leaving, I am leaving you now.

Being *just a best friend*….

Well, thought I wouldnt write any *unhappy* posts, but i guess i should place down the feeling somewhere.

I am a friend of someone, a best friend. I have been for years. And now is the difference, she has a boyfriend. And I just realized that.

Hence analyzed the change(i needed help on this), then this thing struck my mind, she now has a “personal life” but I don’t, and she is happy with it and I have to respect that fact.

So I cant expect her to behave the same way as she used to a year ago, cant expect her to come out with me, talk to me as often as she used to, buy things for her, write poems for her. Moreover cant do things for her that made her happy. Cant expect her to share her problems with me.

We’ve been friends for 12 years, for God’s sake 12 long years. What i am going through is a silence to accept that fact, to accept the change.

You’ve got to lose something that has much become a part of you, someone who you loved the most and cared for the most.

Does it hurt or does it hurt bad?

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