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Love you too

So, there is somebody who has been searching for “love you tauseef” on Google that apparently leads to my blog. Now I am pretty sure that this somebody loves some Tauseef, (this cannot be me, I am not that loveable that people would Google for me 😀 ).

Whoever it is, I wish that this somebody finds their tauseef.

Or is it that they land on this page and go away without reading anything from here? What ever it is, love you too for such a phrase to be searching with.

May you find the one you long for so much. But you know, it is all in saying it out. All I have always believed is, if you love someone, say it. It saves so much trouble.

All the best.

Take care.


Whatever you call it.

, just realised after seeing their pic in the “people you may know” section of facebook that whatever you say to people, no matter how close you think you are to them, or how they make you feel. They just do what they have to, but sometimes you are the who takes all the burn, short or long, deep or superficial, and they just walk past it like they never knew you, atleast it seems to be, but seeing is believing right? So I thought, let it be, if they can after being guilty, so can being the not guilty one, all i did was try to help them.
Forgiving someone needs lot of courage, courage to see yourself hurt and heal over it, courage to look at them and walk away like nothing happened and yet keep in mind, that this could happen again. But it all depends on me how I go ahead, how I decide on things.
What was supposed to be a “whats on your mind” on facebook is now a blog, the one that brings me back. And makes me take off the protection on this one, because I didnt like Priya reading it and making a mess out of our 14 years friendship.
Bye bye woman.
But you know just for the sake of humanity, next time this happens to someone else because of you, make sure you atleast apologize.

I wanna be there.

Oh yess..I am back,

Back as in “Tauseef, the guy, who is hyperactive.  Man never gets tired”,.

The guy who was like “Is Taus around?”, “Get this done, won’t you. I know you will.”, “Tauseef, bills?” and me “done and recorded”.

The guy in, “He doesn’t care”, “You know him, don’t you?”, “You know, he wouldn’t feel it important to answer you for this”

And I am back as in “Taus, design this program for me.”

Yes… No more frustrated, feeling bad brain. No more sulking, feeling bad, walking lose, acting like a loser, no more unnecessary thoughts. No more sad thoughts, no more the all bad things, no more loneliness, no more ‘please talk to me’, ‘I need someone now’ s.

I am happy and how, I can’t explain why or how. I came to know, the only reason could be, you don’t need a reason to be happy.

I don’t know what was eating me for the past 18-20 months, man I was like lost, seems I was behind things that never did exist or probably that never did matter to me, things I should have never been so bothered about. Holy crap what was I doing, sulking and blogging all my feelings here.

Now stand up, turn back. Jump and hands behind your head. Shake you hip to the front and right, move it back. Jump as you move it back. Stand turn your head around and wink. 😉

Yo maaan… Life is gonna be fun now on.

Song from BeeGee’s….. Stayin Alive..

There are dreams, got to work on ’em.




This guy is no more, and I still can’t believe it. Finally after more than a month of his demise I feel like writing about him, or shall I say for him.

His name is Vijay, Vijay Kalyanaraman to be precise. He is my friend. And he is no more. His accident was a shock and his death shut our mouths like stone.

He was the one, I liked, he had they say a charming smile. Lots of friends he had. He wasn’t anyone I can say saintly good. He was a normal person. He loved the ones he felt like loving and stayed away from the ones he didn’t like.

But I was close to him. Close to him when he lost his aunt, close to him when he had a row with “his” group of friends, close to him when he was writing, close to him when he was in an argument with his next best friend. He was always there to help everyone. We had been together for over a year. We shared our room for six months. He liked me, we ate together.

The other day, he met with an accident, left his liver damaged, bleeding internally. Less than 24hrs a news, he is no more.

Crashed his bike and got hurt, and that is it, it was all over in less than a day.

We had a row before he left the city we stayed in, that was about a year ago, he pinged me on chat a couple of months ago. I felt as if he wanted to say something to me, and I missed it.

We are now delimited with his death.

I his memory.

Giving all of it!


It’s a Friday evening, alone travelling to home after working late to covering more than 35km in heavy traffic because of rains. Left with another 20 km to cover and you are in the middle of the city. That is when the headache that was just there gradually increasing its intensity till the evening, is now at its peak you’ve ever seen or experienced.

You want to sleep but you can’t, nausea consumes you because of the traffic, smoke, cold winds. You are left with no other option but just bear the pain. Bear it until you fall asleep or it makes a grave for itself in your head. You can’t say to your people that you have a bad or rather worse headache, they might take it very seriously and these sorts of troubles have been kept away from their knowledge by you, you might not just want to see them troubled.

Your pain increases further and you don’t take the pills because you are just left with a confusion, “is the pain bearable, I am bearing it? What is happening to me?” as if you have no more strength to speak. Trying to read and divert your mind and nothing works, even the slightest sound as if is sucking your brains from your head; the specs seem heavier unlike ever. Your eyes are heavy and hardly able to see any light it is like, pricking your eyes.

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People come in all shapes, sizes and in different natures too, I like observing people so that part of me gets  me on to these conclusions. 

What all kinds of attitude people have? 

Some are so purpose minding that they don’t give a damn to what the person next to them is thinking, whatever may be the relation. A few can’t just take a thing they don’t want to happen, stick with their own philosophy and never bother to think about others yackkkkk and now that really sucks. 

“Ooohooo my work is done so am leaving..bye….” never even bother who helped them finishing their work. And that’s so “      “. 

Sometimes even get so low that even proud of themselves for not having following the ethics..As they say about in Hindi..”Bhagwaan sab ka bhala kare par mujh se shuru kare…” not atleast for heaven’s sake. 

And ethics…c’mon who cares…I need my job to be done that’s it..over…, you are termed boring if you talk once or twice about them. 

It is hardly a handful of people who think on the correct tracks. 

They say ”Listen kid, never hate a song that has sold half a million copies.”

But no one still cares.And the most interesting fact, they are never ready to accept a mistake and an ego comes up. 

So much in those little hearts and minds.

 The world is indeed a good place to live in but would be far better if all would think or at least think of thinking about it.

 All these makes it so difficult to trust anyone…but in the end I guess that’s what relations and emotions are all about.

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