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Whatever you call it.

, just realised after seeing their pic in the “people you may know” section of facebook that whatever you say to people, no matter how close you think you are to them, or how they make you feel. They just do what they have to, but sometimes you are the who takes all the burn, short or long, deep or superficial, and they just walk past it like they never knew you, atleast it seems to be, but seeing is believing right? So I thought, let it be, if they can after being guilty, so can being the not guilty one, all i did was try to help them.
Forgiving someone needs lot of courage, courage to see yourself hurt and heal over it, courage to look at them and walk away like nothing happened and yet keep in mind, that this could happen again. But it all depends on me how I go ahead, how I decide on things.
What was supposed to be a “whats on your mind” on facebook is now a blog, the one that brings me back. And makes me take off the protection on this one, because I didnt like Priya reading it and making a mess out of our 14 years friendship.
Bye bye woman.
But you know just for the sake of humanity, next time this happens to someone else because of you, make sure you atleast apologize.

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