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Missing my baby girl and one of my good friends, the day is turning hard to pass. Moments are just getting heavier with the day. I wish I could do something. One cant speak and the other is just …


To her,

It has now been over a year I have seen her. In fact we met so that she could give me my birthday present weeks before it actually was and also to invite me to her wedding.

I never expected that day that it would be so long and time would pass by thinking hearing from you every single day, how ever busy I would be, never an occasion passed without me having scrolled to your number on my phone, but I wouldn’t dial, some sort of fear would stop me, it still does.

The texts that I get from you, “… will call you soon”, I still wait how soon is it going to be. Not that I don’t understand what you are going through. But it would have been great simply to hear you speak for a little while at least. I don’t complain about such things, but you know…

I was never in love with you, not even close. One thought that always comes to my mind and I often say this to Khaja is “I have no complaints with life, but surely her presence around would have made things a lot better”.

We never really shared problems or so, but I really like the way we build a relation and how we have respect for each other. You are the first woman I have liked so much, besides the obvious ones.  I miss the way you speak continuously sometimes.

I miss the way we used to catch up randomly for a pizza sometimes, I haven’t had a pizza since then, no proper company to go out you see.

So many things have happened with us, they’ve made us grow with time, taught us change the way we think, but still none of that changed the way we looked for each other. The fact that we both had people around us who meant a lot to each us, but the importance they had never was a factor for us being available for each other when we needed to talk or catch up for a pizza.

One thing added to my realization is that as we grow, people around us grow busy and we grow busy for them too, and we very often lose track of them. But there still will be a few people who talk to you just like yesterday, you are one of those.

It wasn’t easy for me when I split with priya, and the fact that you couldn’t help me move on with it made me realize that, there are certain times when you don’t needs someone’s sympathy or empathy, it is just someone’s being next to you would suffice.

I wish I could really find a chance to say all this to you, but I am not sure how things would go along.

Jaffar, Noman, Tauseef.

Jaffar was very angry on Noman, really very angry. You should have seen the chat they had, (Noman mailed me later).

Ha ha, I realized how deep was Jaffar hurting for Noman not having been in contact with him. Noman and Tauseef were also not in contact but Taus was cool with Noman, it was just enough tat Noman could speak to him. Taus did ping Noman whenever possible, but Noman seldom responded. Taus understood. IT people are very often busy and use proxies.

Hmmm one fine day, today, 19th Feb 2009. Noman pings Tauseef, coz he was free, Taus feels happy, talk about the way life changed all these years. Meanwhile Jaffar is also online, pings Taus for the caption he has put in. Taus tells, “Jaff, Noman online”, and tells Noman, “Noman, Jaff online”.

“Can u join us in the chat?” both ask. Tauseef tries but couldnot. Never mind, Jaff was angry and Noman was trying to justify… After a long touchy chat they are ok.

And there was a place where Noman mentioned no one but, Taus, Jaff..

When Jaff was talking about others, Noman said “Who others? You, me Taus are ok now isnt it… i am happy for that”.

But meanwhile we realized Noman lots of hurdles in his pro life. His job was at stake and all. Felt bad about that.

Taus and Jaff talk on phone, not so often but they do remember each other.

By the way, Tauseef, Jaffar, Noman they were tuition-mates, study-mates, cricket-mates, tea-mates, cycle-mates, sometimes somosa-mates, and bike-mates. They studied 11th and 12th together. Later split up for studies.

Now three stay at different places, All felt lonely sometimes. But I guess happy to be friends.

a best friend.

Na Na I am not going to talk about my best friend, aaaaaa…… I don’t have any as such, what I am going to speak about is my feeling when someone calls me his/her best friend.

This is about Pa…, a girl then a lady now, who was in school with me, we then were not together until now, and we work at the same office,. 🙂 It was just a piece of coincidence that we work at the same place. I am a year older to her in work experience.

Then came this thing, we met and since we stay at the dormitories office provides us, we meet now and then. She has a friend of hers, Naa… . Pa… asked me my birthday and Naa… that she heard said “C’mon  Pa… he is your best friend and you don’t know his b’day”. Ha ha… I said,. Pa… you still think I am your best friend, she said I was her best buddy when in school. And being the same now, after 8 long years is something I can feel good about.

I told her thanks that she still feels the same. And I could make out from her face, it wasn’t a lie.

She is one of the good people I know, in the small social life I have.

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