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Love you too

So, there is somebody who has been searching for “love you tauseef” on Google that apparently leads to my blog. Now I am pretty sure that this somebody loves some Tauseef, (this cannot be me, I am not that loveable that people would Google for me 😀 ).

Whoever it is, I wish that this somebody finds their tauseef.

Or is it that they land on this page and go away without reading anything from here? What ever it is, love you too for such a phrase to be searching with.

May you find the one you long for so much. But you know, it is all in saying it out. All I have always believed is, if you love someone, say it. It saves so much trouble.

All the best.

Take care.


A few little things…

I am in a state of mind, where in I would accept anything, well I can say almost.
Mother’s health, my work, dad’s office, siblings and their families. Well it seems for a while like I have been through a high of emotions, what ever. Fear, anger, love, loneliness, thoughtfulness, disturbed, alone, gratitude, desperation and what not.

And sometimes you feel it would be so nice if all that you have could just be bartered for this one thing that you need right now, and all that you can do is just pray.
Surprising it is, we all are born as humans, the faith that we have sometimes just doesn’t seem strong enough.
Sometimes when you bend down and ask for forgiveness.
Sometimes when you cant accept things, at work or at home or in your mind.
And sometimes when you feel mind effed.
Sometimes when the emotion becomes so high that you know you cant speak that to someone and all u can do is just crave.

When the fears have gone so deep that you dont know what could be the last moment you spend with someone you love the most. And sometimes you start to think Continue reading ‘A few little things…’

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