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Honestly, this is the lowest in person I have felt in a really long time. Things get complicated at times. I wonder, if I should feel bad or feel good about myself. 

There are these realities and the expectations and the actualities, and then the truth that everything looks to be but is not. Tough phase of life at work, never able to understand who is a confidant here and who is not. This part of the world seems so mean, meaner than the rest of the world; of course in the end it is our purpose that matters. Everyone is mean in one way or the other.

It is just that life gets complicated sometimes and simplifying it is yet another complexity. 

Sometimes I feel, even in every day life, there is so much ground to cover; I mean is it that I think too much or take life a little too seriously. Of course it is to take seriously, there is an entire family looking up to you, and to make a mention at work, look and what I do and look at how they see it.

But if these people around are expecting so much, then I must have done something right for sure. But why does it feel like a ton, to feel ok and let things be. Is it that there is so much I want to do in life and I am here, is it because of that I could never look up to someone and speak this out. Is is because of what I expect from life and it comes in front of me like this. But the bigger the dream, the bigger the price.

All I have realized is, nothing good comes easy; and if something isn’t supposed to stay, it wont.

Well, all I ask from Allah SWT is that to keep them thinking of me as highly as they are thinking right now and to cover all my faults and elevate me in His sight and theirs; grant me with the fortune to fulfill everyone’s and my expectations about me and my life, Aameen.


Love you too

So, there is somebody who has been searching for “love you tauseef” on Google that apparently leads to my blog. Now I am pretty sure that this somebody loves some Tauseef, (this cannot be me, I am not that loveable that people would Google for me 😀 ).

Whoever it is, I wish that this somebody finds their tauseef.

Or is it that they land on this page and go away without reading anything from here? What ever it is, love you too for such a phrase to be searching with.

May you find the one you long for so much. But you know, it is all in saying it out. All I have always believed is, if you love someone, say it. It saves so much trouble.

All the best.

Take care.

Here I go

Dusted dreams under my pillow
Penned down hopes,
Castles built in sand,
Scapes hidden in glass cases
Loved hearted in red crystal
All under my pillow

Those are just a few I have Those are all I have
Havent ever thought away so far Havent ever dreamt so far

I walk along my boulevards
I walk along the snowed streets
I walk along the sands and storms
The sun shines bright
And the moon’s lit strong

I have no map for the journey I am on for, its only the dream
I have no idea of trees and bushes
I have no idea of the jungle or the garden
All I know I just to walk alone

My dreams my only guides My shadow the only friend
My castles the only stay My Faith, Fear the only shields

All I know I have to dream
All I know I have to walk
All I know I cant give up
All I know I have to survive
All I know is befriend the darkness and bruises
All I know is I cant take a deviation

There is a lot to walk, yes there is.
Bruised a thousand, bled a million times
Yet I survived, yet I will survive.

Its time to walk, its time to dream, its time to read.
Here I go, Here I go, Here I go
Be with me, for You are in what I trust. Be with me.
Here I go, Here I go, Here I go
To earn my honor, to get my grail and sip some water.
Water from the spring there, far on the other end of road

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